What if…?


I came across this article and I found it very enlightening – What If…?

We spend most of our lives trying to find a path, our roles in society, our destiny blah blah blah… While most of us have a clearly vision about what they want to do with the rest of their lives, others are not so fortunate. I can say that’s my daily dilemma, well not daily, maybe bi-weekly. Since a kid I was good in arts, so, everything just pointed to follow arts in high school and from there on was kind a no brainer to go that way. Went to study fashion design, product design, illustration…yet, didn’t feel my call! My family always encouraged me to study and ‘do more’ with my life but I’m very anxious for that! That’s when I decided was time to work and stop wasting my father’s money vainly in courses I never intended to finish.

I have a tendency to dream big and from time to time I think I can do the fuck I want, like there’s no obstacles or tomorrow, that’s when they push me back to earth. The truth is that it gets a bit frustrating, in the end you don’t enjoy anything because you lost most of your time thinking what if…Am I not enough?




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