It’s funny to have a blog that you can write whatever, talk about nothing but less lonely and depressing than a diary, kind of a social diary. Let’s name it the soulbook, less child-ish. That’s my style. For some reason my favourite series are Seinfeld and Curb your Enthusiasm. You gotta love Larry David! Of course you have professional blogs too, where you can actually learn something in a relaxed way. Well, some of them. Get in my nerves when they try to go over and explore another fields of expertise that not theirs. Each monkey to their branch.

Like nowadays everyone does lifestyle and fashion blogs or share their looks. Come on! Do we all need to know what you’re wearing? And how proudly they advertise their outfits to the world! Can get a bit frustrating cause usually they’re really the plainest looks. It’s mostly shiny stuff and whites. Really, is there some kind of contest going on? Who has the most boring look this week? Me, me, me! Did I win? You won, big time!

In that line my sister could have a blog about fashion. A completely lack of decor, I really want to say lack of taste but I’m afraid it isn’t completely true. It’s like she was dressed by a 2 years old. She wears whatever she feels like it – I hope there’s not much planning associated to her choices – no connection whatsoever. She knows it, so it’s less problematic and actually kinda funny. At least, in the end she always has an interesting piece of clothe/accessories. I give her that! – I’m sure it was something offered or chosen by me. Cof, Cof.

Even if you are inside the right environment, stimulating and creative and all that shit, doesn’t mean you were made for it. I think an artistic mind, like charm, you are born with it. Either you have it or not. You can’t learn it, but you can lose it.

Have a nice weekend!


P.S.: by the way, I’m doing the No-Poo method, when you don’t use harmful shampoos, so I advise you to not come near my hair for a while. But that’s all I’m gonna say about it cause I don’t know the fuck I’m doing.

P.S.: if you have the need to see what others are wearing follow this beautiful lady Iris Apfel . That’s worth watching!


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