I was talking with someone the other day who turned a parent recently and he was telling me how tired he is of being home and have visits from people he even didn’t know existed. I was ya ya…but then I ‘saw me’ speaking with friends that I didn’t have contact for a long time, just cause we have a baby in common. It’s like we’re living an out-of-body experience or we were the only survivors of alien abduction. Fuck!
After being home with a tiny thing, for a few months, you miss the connection with grown ups but because you don’t know anymore what’s going on in the real world – you’re to busy changing diapers, cooking homemade food for baby, discover how to put them to sleep without killing each other, playing, bathing and more diapers and reading about how to do all this stuff – so you turn to the other alienated mothers.
Even if it’s only to gossip about the neighbour that doesn’t breastfeed her baby. Oh! Oh! About that…there’s so many different opinions and judgement. Ok, there are studies and everything that says breast milk is better, has antibacterial and healing properties, blah blah blah…in the end, the main goal is to feed the baby! #FedIsBest
If for some reason cant breastfeed or even if you won’t, it’s only your choice. Nobody cares! Get over yourself ladies, don’t trash talk just because you have different ideas how to use your goodies.
Sometimes I wish* I had no milk, to have no choice than give formula to Mr.T. It’s so sad look at them deflating after a feeding. Shit, it’s depressing!

*Not a real wish! Only to illustrate an idea. Knock on wood! I love breastfeeding, so convenient and you have an excuse to put them out in the open, getting some fresh air once in a while.

It’s funny how motherhood is so overrated. It’s not enough that you have a woman’s day, there’s still a mother’s day. As soon as you pop that sucker out of your vajayjay, there’s an update, you uploaded another day in your calendar. YaY!
I’m beginning to think that some men treat women like shit cause we have these days to ‘celebrate us’, so the rest of the year must be men’s day, I assume!
Time to say goodbye. Baby down, still have the dishes and some scrubbing to do.
Bye bye!


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