I was looking on the internet and finally came across something to bitch about.
Recently a couple of people the same-sex that happen to love each other very much decided to get married. With that in mind they start to plan the wedding and of course there’s a need for a photographer. With all the fricking photographers in the world to choose they had the nerve to like and pick the one that’s homophobic. Too bad you guys!
For the love of drama, he rejected and apparently the couple felt offended and now it’s on the media.

SO….now every pseudo photographer is offering their ass for 15 min of fame. No, I’m sorry. They’re just offering their time and amazing work for FREE. YES! You can only imagine how amaaaazing it must be.
This should be considered crime. As society is right now and as long there are people like that out there, offering prices that don’t correspond to reality in that particular area, it’s going to be a dark era for art. We – people in general, please don’t include me, or you, if you feel like it – are turning down quality over cheapness. The seaweed is exploiting those poor bastards that have, mostly, a lack of taste, doesn’t even need to be considered good taste. Unfortunately they’re the majority.
My dears, just because they have a photo machine, a pencil, a brush or a fucking stick – for what I care – and they put it as a job description, doesn’t make them real. But for sure makes you an asshole.


A big kiss from this pseudo artist,

P.S. I don’t sell farts but if you really want some, PAY the fair amount. At least they’re smelly!


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