Hi again.

We got back from Portugal almost a month ago but I’ve been just lazy and well the jet lag didn’t help too, plus it took a while to get back to the old routine. Get Thomas to sleep in his bed, good schedules….just thinking about it, I need a break_______________________________________________________________________Ok, done!

So, about our stay in Portugal, didn’t go exactly how we expected. Let me lay the facts for you.

  1. Flight delays with a 6 month old aren’t funny. At all!
  2. I had so many plans, things to do in Lisbon, we ended doing nothing. On the upside, we lost a few kilos – only to gain them back, and more, the weeks after – with all the walking and gymnastics cause of the stroller. Lisbon isn’t baby friendly.
  3. Wanted to travel a bit in Europe – NADA!
  4. At least we got to see Star Wars, a free night from Mr.T. ALLELUIA!!!
  5. My parents were working all the time, they didn’t get to enjoy their grandson. Shame on them! By the way, go eat some sugar at the new PONTO CHIC, a must!
  6. Baths, rare.

Despite all the downs, Thomas had a good time, enjoyed grandmas food, the sun…all the family was really excited about a new baby. Maybe we inspired some souls into parenthood. Or not. Who knows?!

About returning to Portugal, we are putting that idea on standby. I think I had a romantic vision of living there, from sun and love, you know, that kind of shit. Don’t get me wrong, I still think like that but I need money. I wish a lot! There’s no way isn’t a beautiful country and friendly people. Eating/drinking is so nooooooot expensive. But that’s it! There’s a certain basic thinks considered ‘luxuries’ over there that I’m not willing to give up, like the fucking hot water and heat! My new BFF and ever.

PAUSE/FORWARD For now we are going to focus on the positive and see where this – freezing – land take us. Let’s hope not farewell!

Bye Bye!



One comment

  1. ISABEL ALMEIDA · January 29, 2017

    If only we were there too…



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