Today it’s gonna be a more serious post. So, you can go and spare that diaper, I will wait…
As you know, we had a baby recently, well 5 months in ‘baby time’ is like an eternity, but whatever. It was a year full of shit, literally! but good and crazy stuff too. So, as a reward we are going to spend Christmas with the family.


It’s going to be fun, see everyone, eat like pigs, don’t shower for the whole month – I still remember to take a shower in Portugal, the fucking ritual with the heater, and I don’t miss that. Brrrrr
Finally I’m gonna meet my brother-in-law, all the way from Africas. Man, they have lions and stuff there. Crazy shit!

I’m wondering how it will go this trip to motherland.
Will we be…?
a) all sentimental and want to stay;
b) lost, out of the portuguese habits and want to come back as soon as possible;
c) a mix of a and b;
d) none of the above.

I let you know. Fuck! I don’t even want to go anymore, just thinking that we need to get back to this fucking cold and lonely land. Lets just avoid all the return day drama and stay.

What do you think??? not a rhetorical question
Live in a place you don’t like, I mean, we tried but just can’t get it to grow on us BUT have some financial stability and possibility of organize your life
Live in a beautiful place, close to your family and friends BUT have no idea if you’re gonna eat the next day.
NOW put a kid in the equation!
Will he be better raised by happy* parents or with a bunch of new toys?
Only thoughts, any helpful on that side?

*Well, the father is Gemini! So, happy is very relative in this case, if you’re into this astrological shit you know what I mean.



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