Long time no see. I’m having a quiet phase, content with almost everything, days off of complaining. That’s why I have nothing to bitch about. Boring days!
So you can see how much I’m in such a vegetal mood, I don’t even mind Donald Trump being elected president. Relax, don’t need to be freaking out so soon, give the man an opportunity, who knows!? Maybe something less bad than expected is in sight for the ‘great nation’. Anyways, it’s done – democratically – but you still have 70 days to enjoy Obama. Make the most of it!
I think it’s funny how all of a sudden everyone believes in politicians, that they actually do what they promise during campaign. Since when?? NEVER my good people, NEVER! Have faith in the system.
So, don’t need to come running to Canada, please, we have enough retards here! joking, for the less humorous.
The dog that barks doesn’t bite. Lets be afraid of the poodles.


I like the point of view of this article:



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