…And with it the changing tires season. Our lease ends next summer, and the winter tires are kaputz. Nothing survives in Montreal, not happiness, not even tires. So this week we went to Mazda just to see if we could do anything about the situation, like have some money after for the tires or whatever. After 3hours, two feedings and a change of diapers, we left with a new car.

For a while now, Jerry was getting sucked into the SUV’s world. We tried, nop, to boat-ish, every turn you feel like throwing up. Plus you need an airplane runway to park that shit. The moment you have a baby, the two things people swear by are a drying machine and a mini-van. We got none, stubborn motherfucker. Still don’t know how I’m gonna dry the thousands of clothes Thomas spits, during this beautiful winter, No Stress!

Anyway, we ended up with a smaller car but automatic and with gangsta windows. In the end of the day it’s only us three, we don’t use that much space, yet. Sorry, four with Sasha. And if Thomas keeps growing tall that fast, we got the sunroof. Safe buy!

When we bought the condo, same shit. A winter sunday, nothing to do – as usual – we went to some open houses – BAM – first one, SOLD! Dealers when they see us coming through the door, they must have an orgasm. Damn. We are so easy. Consumerist whores!


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