I guess I got everybody by surprise. No one was expecting me – the quiet one – having a blog and so much shit to say. My few friends and family know I don’t talk much, and I think they made peace with that, especially my mother. I knew she was gonna be my first and only follower. She loves to know stuff. Watch out your Facebook pages, people!

It’s not that I don’t like humans. For me, speech is a complicated process. I need my time and paper – YA I get lost a lot – to organize my ideas. Otherwise, I just turn in my father, and nobody wants that. Believe me!
If we are having a conversation my mind is like a crossword puzzle. I start with an idea but then argument with some other theories, contradict myself and end up in a completely different topic. While all this is happening inside my head, I still need to find the right words, get all the letters together in a way that makes sense and finally speak out loud. By the time I figured it all out, everybody is home and sleeping. So, I just nod and say yes!

Anyway, what I can try to do is to keep a record and study my lines, in the end they always are the same stories. And I understand, by norm people have friends and a life, at some point they just forgot to whom they told what. So they just keep telling…
After a while gets in you in a way that you don’t know anymore what stuff happened to you, which stories are yours, you just start telling them too. And goes around again until you realise it wasn’t yours – your life is getting really boring. Damn!


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