Know the saying sleeping like a baby?

Well, sleeping when there’s a baby at home is a myth. Or you’re one of the lucky moms and your baby lets you sleep at least 5hours straight, or you get a taste once in a while, just to tease. Here I am, writing at 4am, between feedings, quite hungry myself – only baby is allowed to eat at night, if us big girls eat too we are doomed. YES, even if you are in the lucky group and he wakes only once in the middle of the night, the time it takes you to fall asleep, he’s awaking ready to start his day, FULL POWER! That’s what I was talking about in the other post, when I said I wouldn’t mind having a shitload of kids if I didn’t need to go through this again.

I had a pretty good labour. Was 8hours since we checked in at the hospital until Mr.T popped out. Was in charge of my body until I reached 7cm, when for a brief moment, waiting for the anesthetist, I thought death was coming…Hell NO!!! I’m going home, fuck this! – Guess not, better stay – After epidural took over, peace on earth, 2hours pushing and voila! No tear, no pain, no nothing. Actually my delivery nurse played a big role in all this, she was sooooo nice, I actually think I fell in love with her. She even made me laugh between pushes. Natalie, if you are out there, a big thanks from this happy vajayjay!

So, I don’t know if it was the stuff I did during pregnancy, like drink tons of water, walk like a gypsy, squats…or if it’s in me biologically, like I heard from all the staff ‘was made to have babies’ – it’s a sin to have only one. As far I can believe that, I’m not so sure about the raising a kid part, all the patience, dedication, sacrifice and love that takes…With luck he doesn’t turn a Trump fan.

Let’s see how that goes!


P.S: A big thanks too to papa and grandma, they were there all the time holding hands and legs and grandpa trying to sneak in. Papa was pushing and everything, like a big boy.


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